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August 01 2012

WATCH_DOGS: A game about information warfare, technology and interconnected data

I would like to share these two videos with you. Even if you are not playing games on a regular base or self-identify as gamer, please take a closer look. They are about an upcoming Ubisoft game, centered around the player’s ability to hack into the city’s infrastructre network to control surveillance cameras, trains, traffic [...]

October 14 2010

Latest trend: Panacoustics

Now we all (should) know about the panoptic[1] idea and that we live in an postpanoptic[2] world (a world in which surveillance is detached from space and time, not relying on cell blocks and guard towers). But now, with a new technology, employing an array of over 300 microphones and a domecamera, it is also [...]
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