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February 01 2013

Tutorial: How to copy VMware ESXi images using nginx + wget

So I upgraded my server at Hetzner from an EQ4 to an EX4. After installing ESXi 5.1 on the new server I wanted to copy/move my server virtual machines. Since both servers have a 100Mbit FastEthernet Uplink and are connected to the same backbone migrating would be both fast and easy…. or so I thought. Disclaimer: [...]

May 31 2012

Do not use whitespace in cronjob filenames.

Cron is very sensitive about certain things but does not tell you so, making it sometimes very hard to solve problems. This is what I learned so far: You have to be careful about fileowner and permissions (they said). The file must end with a newline –> ”ERROR (Missing newline before EOF, this crontab file will [...]
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