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August 01 2012

Russia's Kaspersky Labs to Develop a Secure O/S for Critical Infrastructure and Military Use | Digital Dao http://t.co/WqXuT9hd

forgot Changelog

forgot Changelog

fixed to work with openlayers 2.12

m add_bandit.py
m config.ini
m interactive/banditvis.js
m my_functions.py
fixed to work with openlayers 2.12

July 31 2012

Can objects printed with a 3D printer be tracked back to the printer that created it? Innocent question.

July 28 2012

In Austria, punks wait for green light on crosswalks. At 3 AM.

July 27 2012

Micropost #1: “Thank you for being on time.”

This is the first micropost. Microposts will be posts that are to long for Twitter, to short for a full post, and to important for Facebook :D Today somebody said to me “Thank you for being on time”. I was like 2 minutes late but the clock in my car is ahead of time, so I [...]

July 18 2012

If you know anything about the quality of most software, you should be completely amazed that humans have managed to survive this long.

June 28 2012

Patent trolls created $29B extra cost in the U.S. last year... http://t.co/JpBfMCSV

June 27 2012

Russian Nuclear Launch Code Backup Procedure: If the safe doesn't open, use a sledgehammer: The sledgehammer's e... http://t.co/C624Vo1G

June 25 2012

today's geek german lesson: das Rechenzentrum (the datacenter) because it's das Zentrum, and gender matches the last glued together word.
New post: Discrimination means missing out on hiring the best sysadmins: Rikki Endsley posted to Google Plus thi... http://t.co/IUyK224K

June 24 2012

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize" - Voltaire
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NICT Daedalus Cyber-attack alert system #DigInfo

The value of sexual services – Addendum #1

“Das Höchstgericht rückt von seiner bisherigen Linie ab. Nun können Sexarbeiterinnen ihr Entgelt einklagen. Denn Prostitution sei sogar gesetzlich geregelt.” - 01.06.2012 | 15:47 |  PHILIPP AICHINGER (Die Presse) [0] You can find the corresponding legal document at [1]. “Any society, any nation, is judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members — the [...]

June 22 2012

OH: "I saw a job posting requiring 10 years of Server 2008 experience. Apparently they want a time traveler." #HR

June 18 2012

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Ich bin vom Verein "Gegen Pro-Diebstahl" und suche Unterstützer für eine Sammelklage gegen die MA28.
Mir wurde vor einiger Zeit mein Rad gestohlen, die Diebe haben eindeutig deren Verkehrswege genutzt.
Es kann nicht sein, dass die öffentliche Hand ENTGEGEN der Interessen der Bürger die Infrastruktur für KRIMINELLES VERHALTEN schafft und dieses damit MUTWILLIG unterstützt!

Ich vertraue darauf, dass die Gerichte die Verantwortung der MA28 aussprechen und betonen werden, dass meine Interessen angemessen berücksichtigt werden.

Ich habe die MA28 als Musterbeispiel ausgesucht. Das Urteil soll ein Exempel für künftige Rechtsansprüche statuieren. (Asfinag, ÖBB-Infrastruktur, etc.)
Piraterie: EuGH muss klären, ob UPC Verantwortung trägt - Copyrights - derStandard.at › Web
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Intel Reveals Neuromorphic Chip Design... http://t.co/jH5u2hh4
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